Texas Sno – New Orleans Style Snoballs

22450 Franz Rd
Katy, TX77449
(832) 708-0943

It’s really hard for me to write about this place. No, not because I hate it, it’s more of the opposite. I hesitate to write about this because I honestly don’t want more people to know about this place cause I want it all for me. I know, I’m greedy. But this place already packs out at times and we don’t want more crowds! But this place deserves to be shared. It’s so great and so awesome in so many ways.

Didn’t know what to expect from the spot the first I tried it. But I did notice the snow as they were packing it. It looked so fine. I got pretty excited about it. It looked so soft, and I hadn’t had this kind of snow in a very long time. They came the syrup. Man are they generous! I love it. No running out of juice by the time you hit the bottom, not juice just sitting at the top. Then if you want, they have some toppings, from sweet to sour. They have different sizes to satisfy any appetite. Honestly, you can’t ask for a better spot for a cold treat to cool you off. Heck, I’ve even gone during the winter, just because it’s so great! And you can’t beat the prices for what you’re getting.

With summertime coming up on us, I had to put this one on my blog for sure. One thing is, don’t look for the yellow trailer. They’ve since leveled up to a bigger RED trailer, but still in the same location. If you live around the area, or not, this place is a must in my book. You will NOT regret it one bit. My photos don’t do justice on the diverse flavors and toppings you can have check this place out on your own.

Photo-Mar-06,-6-54-51-PM Photo-Oct-19,-6-05-36-PM Photo-Sep-18,-6-13-55-PM Photo-Sep-18,-6-24-01-PM Photo-Sep-18,-6-30-34-PM Photo-Sep-26,-6-15-42-PM Photo-Sep-26,-6-16-34-PM Photo-Sep-26,-6-18-04-PM


Fuzzy’s Pizza & Cafe: Pepperoni Pizza Slice

823 Antoine Drive
Houston, TX 77024
(713) 682-8836

I’ve heard some good things about Fuzzy’s PIzza and I’m not quite sure why I’ve hesitated going. Finally got the chance when I good friend invited me to lunch. When you drive up to this place you think, “Uh…. what did I bring myself to?” Not the nicest spot to come to, but exteriors don’t really keep me away. The place is decent inside so don’t be afraid to walk in. The service wasn’t all that, didn’t seem to really give off any good or happy vibes to me when I was at the counter. Was just like another body there, I suppose. That was a little bit of a let down, as I really do look to customer service quite a bit. Pricing was a bit higher than expected, especially for the size, but it wasn’t anything crazy. So next I sit and wait after ordering my pepperoni pizza. After a little bit of a wait I finally get it and I’m eager to take a taste of it. I take a bite and it’s tasty. The cheese is good and so was the crust. Good pizza. No surprise. But I wasn’t “wow’d” like I thought I would be after hearing from other people. It was good pizza, and that was that. Would I come back here again? Maybe, but not really likely unless I was looking to try something different on their menu. Honestly, I know I’ll catch some slack for this, but I’m okay with going to Sam’s and getting some of their pizza. I feel like for the taste and size, it’s much more worth it.

Photo-Aug-25,-11-48-55-AM Photo-Aug-25,-11-49-02-AM Photo-Aug-25,-11-53-35-AM Photo-Aug-25,-11-53-43-AM Photo-Aug-25,-11-53-52-AM

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store: Momma’s Pancake Breakfast

201 E Central Texas Expy
Harker Heights, TX76548
Phone number (254) 953-8290

If you don’t like Cracker Barrel, I will question your sanity. If you don’t even know what Cracker Barrel is…. just close out this window right now. Go. Just go. Kidding! Around these parts of the country, Cracker Barrel is pretty known. Known for always being super packed! But I guess that means you’re in high demand. Pretty much every Cracker Barrel is like this. So just be warned if you’ve never been and you’re thinking about going. But the food is good, so it’s worth it.

Momma’s Pancake Breakfast. That’s what caught my eye this particular day, mostly because I was starving and ready to eat. It’s hard to beat Bacon and eggs with a side of buttermilk pancakes and a glass of orange juice. Well, Cracker Barrel does it right. They don’t mess around with that thin cut Bacon at all, they give you the good cut stuff. The eggs are great, but the pancakes, oh how I love their pancakes. So wonderfully tasting, and not to mention the come with the little mini bottles of syrup. I mean come on, that’s just hard to beat when it comes to syrup, cause you can take any unfinished home! Of course they do kind of look like mini liquor bottles, but that just adds to the fun.

So overall, great food and good service here. Again, you’ll have to do a little waiting during the peak hours, so be aware of that when going. But the good thing is that they have a store front with a lot of cool toys, clothes, candy and knick-knacks to look at. Photo-Aug-24,-11-04-14-AM Photo-Aug-24,-11-11-16-AM Photo-Aug-24,-11-26-22-AM Photo-Aug-24,-11-26-30-AM Photo-Aug-24,-11-26-34-AM Photo-Aug-24,-11-26-38-AM Photo-Aug-24,-11-26-46-AM Photo-Aug-24,-11-26-49-AM Photo-Aug-24,-11-27-01-AM Photo-Aug-24,-11-30-41-AM Photo-Aug-24,-11-48-32-AM

Los Cabos Mexican Grill & Steak House: Shrimp Nachos

2800 Hwy 36 S
Brenham, TX77833
Phone number (979) 836-9508

Traveling out toe Killeen, Texas the family wanted Mexican food, so we stopped in Brenham, Texas at Los Cabos Mexican Grill to get our fill. Looked pretty new, at least to me it did, maybe only a few years up at most, but can’t really know for sure. As soon as we walk in I noticed the frozen yogurt machine and that’s always a plus for me. Pretty decent size spot and luckily they weren’t too busy when we arrived.

I ordered the Shrimp Nachos that comes to you with some nice cheese, guac, jalapeños tomatoes and lettuce. Decent sized plate, enough to fill you up just fine. The nachos were tasty, nothing awesome, but still good. The chips & salsa were good, and I believe it came with a little bit of cheese too. Everything was cooked just fine, no issues with that at all. I also had a strawberry margarita that was pretty tasty as well. The also had a salad bar there which is a nice addition to restaurant like this in case not everyone in your party wants to eat the good, unhealthy stuff. And of course the free frozen yogurt, it’s always a nice ending to a meal for me. Like a cherry on top. I wish more places would do this.

Overall, a nice place. Wasn’t “wowed” by it, but a decent stop. Service was good and friendly.

Photo-Aug-23,-12-27-30-PM Photo-Aug-23,-12-27-42-PM Photo-Aug-23,-12-28-17-PM Photo-Aug-23,-12-28-34-PM Photo-Aug-23,-12-28-44-PM Photo-Aug-23,-12-30-07-PM Photo-Aug-23,-12-48-06-PM Photo-Aug-23,-12-53-50-PM Photo-Aug-23,-12-54-02-PM Photo-Aug-23,-12-54-22-PM

Branding Iron: Smoked Sausage Plate

104 E Scott Ave
Wichita Falls, TX 76301
(940) 723-0338

Can I just tell you how much I love Yelp. I mean, not so much the site/app itself but just the community. I’m glad there’s a place I can go to and find local great food, no matter where I’m at.

Our last stop on our way back from our awesome road trip was the Branding Iron in Wichita Falls, Texas. Was in the mood to have some good BBQ since we were back in Texas, and we found it. Small little spot, nothing fancy at all, but the food was oh so good. You start off by picking what you want, like in a lunch line and then paying for it, nothing too different from other BBQ places. Everything looked great, and I wish I could have had a little bit of everything, just by smelling the place. Was craving some sausage, so that’s what I went with. Hid a side of beans and potato salad. My wife when with a chopped beef sandwich with a side of fries and fried okra. This place has a real small town feel to it, and I could tell we were outsiders, and I’m sure most of the other people could tell as well. Not in any negative way at all, but you know that feeling you get when you’re not from the town, like everyone knows one another, but you don’t. It was like that. The service was friendly, so again, I don’t mean anything negative about at all. I gotta say I really liked the mason jar as cups. I’ve always like that, but inside country type restaurants it just goes really well. The old ads as table cloth was pretty neat as well, and I was totally digging the metal plates. Just overall a cool feel to this spot.

Now, on to the food and how it tasted. I wasn’t expecting anything but great when I came in here. I wasn’t let down. The sausage was juicy and very flavorful. The beans were great and the potato salad was just as good. I really liked the sauce quite a bit. I’m a big sauce kind of person, so I tend to pour on the sauce quite a bit. I got a taste of my wife’s sandwich and it was very flavorful and saucy. Score! The fries were great, naturally cut as you can see. I did not try the okra. Not a fan. Not gonna happen. But she was happy with it, so I’ll have to say that they must be good, right? Who knows.

Over all, it was a good experience, and I definitely recommend it for anyone passing through this small town. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Photo-Aug-20,-01-01-28-PM Photo-Aug-20,-01-01-29-PM Photo-Aug-20,-01-01-30-PM Photo-Aug-20,-1-01-31-PM Photo-Aug-20,-1-01-40-PM Photo-Aug-20,-1-01-49-PM Photo-Aug-20,-1-01-56-PM Photo-Aug-20,-1-02-00-PM Photo-Aug-20,-1-02-05-PM Photo-Aug-20,-1-02-11-PM Photo-Aug-20,-1-06-06-PM Photo-Aug-20,-1-06-23-PM Photo-Aug-20,-12-52-21-PM Photo-Aug-20,-12-55-40-PM Photo-Aug-20,-12-55-51-PM Photo-Aug-20,-12-57-00-PM Photo-Aug-20,-12-58-33-PM


The Turquoise Room: Baked Beef Machaca Chilaquiles

La Posada Hotel
305 E 2nd St
Winslow, AZ86047

Ever so often, you get lucky and find a great place to eat. And not just the food, but just the atmosphere. Being from Texas my wife and I had never heard of this place. But our stop here was for La Posada Hotel and we figured, why not eat breakfast here as well. The whole hotel has a beautiful Mexico vibe to it, and this restaurant played well into it.

The service was friendly. The menu seemed to have a lot of different items to choose from. But I decided on the Baked Beef Machaca Chilaquiles. It just sounded like a load of goodness. And goodness it was. They taste of the beef, with the sauce and the cheese, just went great with the side of black beans. I could definitely do this for breakfast again. It just all mended so well together and tasted fresh to me. I’d never had Chilaquiles before, and it really reminded me of migas in a way. Maybe it was the tortilla chips.

The stay here was super short, but we enjoyed it very much. Don’t want to get into the hotel a lot, cause this is a food blog, but I recommend the total package. It’s a little taste of Mexico in my opinion and I loved it. If I’m ever passing through Winslow, I will be stopping here again, even if just for something to eat.

Photo-Aug-19,-9-59-15-AM Photo-Aug-19,-10-00-34-AM Photo-Aug-19,-10-00-39-AM Photo-Aug-19,-10-03-05-AM Photo-Aug-19,-10-03-14-AM Photo-Aug-19,-10-03-21-AM Photo-Aug-19,-10-03-27-AM Photo-Aug-19,-10-03-37-AM Photo-Aug-19,-10-16-58-AM Photo-Aug-19,-10-18-32-AM Photo-Aug-19,-10-34-03-AM Photo-Aug-19,-10-34-11-AM Photo-Aug-19,-10-34-28-AM Photo-Aug-19,-10-34-38-AM Photo-Aug-19,-10-34-48-AM Photo-Aug-19,-10-34-54-AM


Cowboy Gelato: Bronson Burger

2806 SW 6th Ave
Amarillo, TX79106

Our first stop when we reached beautiful, Texas land was Amarillo, Texas. Now, we did stop to see some good friends of ours, but a real bonus to being here was getting to eat at Cowboy Gelato. Our friends would constantly send us images of the burgers here, and tell us how tasty it was. I knew if I ever set foot in Amarillo, I would eat here. And here we were, and you bet I would come to this spot.

There was no doubt in my mind what I would be eating. The Bronson. A patty stuffed with your choice of cheese. Yes, cheese in your meat patty. We started off with some Corn Nuggets and I have to say, they were pretty tasty. Never had anything like them before. Very tasty and the ranch on the side went great with them. I could have eaten a whole platter these in no time, since they’re easy to pick up and pop in your mouth. Then they brought The Bronson. The cheese was oozing out a little. I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth in to this one. (I’m going to say this, but I know there will be some major TWSS here.) It was very juicy when I bit into it. Then the cheese oozing out just adds to it. Very tasty burger and it’s a great portion, along with the fries. Definitely will fill you up. Then, after you finish your meal, you have gelato, right there. But I must admit, some of the flavors were a bit scary for me to try, but it’s cool that they have options.

It’s a cool little spot, and I’ve heard it’s pretty happening at times. I wish I would have had more time to explore Amarillo, but we only had one evening there. But I’m glad I got the chance to try this little spot.

Photo-Aug-19,-7-47-58-PM Photo-Aug-19,-7-50-25-PM Photo-Aug-19,-7-56-20-PM Photo-Aug-19,-7-56-28-PM Photo-Aug-19,-8-03-55-PM Photo-Aug-19,-8-04-02-PM Photo-Aug-19,-8-17-33-PM Photo-Aug-19,-8-17-39-PM Photo-Aug-19,-8-17-52-PM Photo-Aug-19,-8-17-57-PM Photo-Aug-19,-8-18-02-PM Photo-Aug-19,-8-18-02b-PM

In-N-Out Burger: Cheeseburger & Fries

2900 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV89136 (Westside)

“You have to try In-N-Out!”, they said. “It’s so good!”, they said. “Best burgers on the West Side”, they said. What a load of croc, is what I say. Too much hype for something that was mid range to good. I know I’ll probably get some people to let me know how wrong I am, but hear me out and read this before judging me too quickly on this.I’ve never had In-N-Out before. This was my first experience after hearing so many people brag on it. Not just people from the West Coast but even people that have visited from here. So when another burger joint that we really wanted to visit in Vegas was closed, my mind naturally went to In-N-Out. I had high hopes for this place, mainly because of what I’ve heard about it from others.
I was little shocked not to find any combo meals up there on the menu, but hey, no biggie, I’ll make my own combo. Played it safe and went with the cheeseburger and fries. Great portions and looked great. So moment of truth. I take a bite and….. it’s a burger. It’s just a fast food burger. It didn’t taste bad. It was good. Just as good as any other fast food burger. Why did I expect more? What was I expecting? The fries were good too. So it’s not like I didn’t like it. It was tasty. But it wasn’t what I had imagined. I was expecting something more. Something that would have made me say, “Wow…. this is really good for a fast food joint.” Nope. Didn’t happen. I was disappointed. More disappointed in my expectations than really in the food. Not quite sure what all the hype was about.
The staff was nice. Service was good. Wish it hadn’t been so packed, we had to wait for a seat to become available. Not sure if it was just particular location or if all of the In-N-Outs are like this. I mean, I’m not trying to be mean about In-N-Out, to be honest I’d probably like it had it not been for all the hype people brought to it. Blame them. It’s a good fast food spot. But to be honest, I’d take Whataburger or Carl’s Jr. over it any day as far as fast food burger spots.

 Photo-Aug-18,-2-04-07-PM Photo-Aug-18,-2-04-08-PM Photo-Aug-18,-2-04-11-PM Photo-Aug-18,-2-07-28-PM Photo-Aug-18,-2-11-33-PM Photo-Aug-18,-2-12-16-PM Photo-Aug-18,-2-12-19-PM Photo-Aug-18,-2-12-32-PM Photo-Aug-18,-2-13-11-PM Photo-Aug-18,-2-13-27-PM

Char-Pit: Mexican Burger

8732 N Lake Blvd
Kings Beach, CA 96143
(530) 546-3171

I was pretty excited to be in Lake Tahoe. It was simply beautiful and honestly was depressed that we only had a couple of hours to spend there. The scenery, the air, the atmosphere, it was just a really awesome spot. Luckily we had one of my best friends who’s a local of Reno that took the time to accompany us here. From the get go he told us about this place. He kept mentioning this “good burger spot” and I said, why not. We were lucky enough to find an open spot to park in the actual parking lot of the place, because this whole area is just happening.You know when a place has a LONG line, it’s for a reason. We had only about 3 people in front of our group, but after we ordered, the line was out the door and around the side of the building. Yikes. We put our order in and not to play off of my heritage, but I decided to get the Mexican Burger. I like chili, I like BBQ Sauce, and it’s a little different than what I usually go for like a Bacon Cheeseburger and such.  Not this time! I love sauce, as I’ve stated before, so the fact that the let you have a good amount was a pleasant surprise. Most places you have to ask for more, not here. Already liking this place. The burger was full of flavor and the green chili and sauce mixed well. The fries were tasty as well.
The place is just a small spot, nothing fancy at all. Could have been a little neater but I’m sure with their traffic, it’s a bit hard to be on top of that the whole time their open. The problem for me was there was not a lot of places to sit, for the amount of people that come and eat here. So we, at first, had a tiny table and a couple of us were going to have to stand. Luckily for us a family got up right next to us and we snagged the table quickly. The atmosphere was nice, although I think most of it came from the beautiful scenery around you with the tall green trees and big beautiful blue sky above us. The service was nice for us. (I’ve seen a few people complain about how horrible their service was on Yelp, and how they kept hearing the manager screaming at the employees. We experienced none of this.) We had a good overall experience here, and I would definitely come back her WHEN I’m back in Tahoe. And I will be back here some day, cause this place was beautiful.

 Photo-Aug-17,-2-22-27-PM Photo-Aug-17,-2-27-11-PM Photo-Aug-17,-2-29-44-PM Photo-Aug-17,-2-36-17-PM Photo-Aug-17,-2-36-27-PM Photo-Aug-17,-2-36-44-PM Photo-Aug-17,-2-36-47-PM Photo-Aug-17,-2-54-09-PM Photo-Aug-17,-2-54-15-PM Photo-Aug-17,-2-54-26-PM Photo-Aug-17,-2-54-31-PM Photo-Aug-17,-3-07-46-PM

KC’s Outpost Eatery & Saloon: French Dip Sandwich

100 E. Main St
Beatty, NV 89003
(775) 553-9175

Another stop on our way out to Reno, NV was KC’s Outpost. Saw some great reviews on Yelp! and being that there wasn’t a lot of other choices here, it was a must for us. When we got there, it looked like your usually small spot to eat at. Nothing special. Although I have to give it to the view. Being from Houston, TX we don’t get to enjoy mountain backdrops, or even hills for that matter, so it’s always really nice to see them when we are traveling. Going over the menu it’s hard to choose something in a place that you’ve never been to. So I decided to go with something that I’ve never had anywhere else, The French Dip Sandwich. My wife stuck with something safe and went with the Turkey Sandwich. Everything was great and fresh tasting. Always make me wonder about places that are out in the middle of nowhere and not close to any big cities, but this place is great. If you make this drive and you’ve never been, please do yourself a favor and stop. I love the atmosphere of this place too, very laid back, small town, “everyone knows each other”, type of place. I love that.

Now to the food. The French Dip Sandwich was great. The meat was so tender and juicy. Honestly wasn’t crazy about the dip, not because they didn’t make it right, but I know that kind of dip, I’m not totally crazy about. Just not my thing. But the sandwich was great enough on it’s own that the dip didn’t bother me so much. The bread was great, just a yummy overall sandwich. Probably could have been a little bit bigger, but I do have a big appetite, so you can’t base the size on me. I like to eat. The potato salad we great, but it was in a tiny shot glass of a serving. What am I supposed to do with this tease?

My wife got the turkey sandwich and I did have a bit of it. Also tasty and very fresh tasting as well. Love that they pack it with meat and veggies. You can’t go wrong with either or. If I ever find my way back I’m definitely stopping here again and trying out something else. Sadly, I’m not sure when that ever will be.

Photo-Aug-15,-5-29-55-PM Photo-Aug-15,-5-48-15-PM Photo-Aug-15,-5-51-19-PM Photo-Aug-15,-5-51-24-PM Photo-Aug-15,-5-51-32-PM Photo-Aug-15,-5-51-37-PM Photo-Aug-15,-5-51-42-PM Photo-Aug-15,-5-51-46-PM Photo-Aug-15,-5-51-51-PM Photo-Aug-15,-6-19-18-PM Photo-Aug-15,-6-19-22-PM Photo-Aug-15,-6-19-26-PM