Red Robin: Crispy Chicken Tender Salad

23318 Mercantile Pkwy
Katy, TX77449
Phone number (281) 392-1004

There are times when you’ve been eating SO BAD, that you gotta try and eat good. Even just a little bit. Even if it’s hard cause you have a menu with so many other yummy (BAD) things on it, like juicy burgers that you know are tasty! Okay, focus on the post. Sorry. Sometimes you just want something fresh, cold and tasty. Okay, that’s better. Anyway, we went to Red Robin again and I got myself a Crispy Chicken Tender Salad. Super yummy! Super fresh! Loved it. My only, tiny complaint is a little more ranch dressing would be great. I feel like I run into this problem quite a bit in restaurants. I understand you don’t want to waste, I’m assuming that’s what’s happening, but how about just bring out a bottle of ranch like you do with ketchup and mustard? Is that too much to ask? And this is not targeted toward RR at all, just restaurants  in general. Anyway, also the little piece of bread that came with it, was delicious, and I wanted more. That is all. Carry on.

Photo-Mar-27,-6-20-26-PM Photo-Mar-27,-6-28-52-PM Photo-Mar-27,-6-29-06-PM Photo-Mar-27,-6-29-22-PM Photo-Mar-27,-6-45-55-PM

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Is Around The Corner

Yes, I’m already thinking about this. You would be too, if you knew all the super yummy food that was there. The smells, oh the smells! So good! I remember last year I saw a sign for Bacon Wrapped Turkey Legs. What? Yes, BACON WRAPPED TURKEY LEGS. I made it a mission to go and seek one out before the night ended. I have to say, I was quite disappointed in what I got. Was the turkey leg wrapped? Um… the bottom handle of it was and that was about it. Come on, man! Should have asked for my money back since it was quite a bit more than the normal turkey leg.


BUT, take heart! There’s always the Cowboy burrito! Sorry, but I can’t go to the Rodeo without having one of these. One a year…. that’s all I get. One. So with the disappointment of the Bacon wrapped turkey leg, I’ll leave you with these photos of the Cowboy Burrito as to not leave a bitter note on this post.

Photo-Mar-18,-5-29-12-PM Photo-Mar-18,-5-32-21-PM Photo-Mar-18,-5-32-39-PM

James Coney Island Grill (JCI Grill): Texas & New York Dogs

740 S Mason Rd

Katy, TX 77450
Phone number (281) 395-4555

Didn’t know what to expect, since when I visited it was the first time since their new branding to JCI. Nothing seemed too different besides a few things on the menu including some price changes. The service was nice, the food was prompt, so no complaints there. Tried the Texas & New York while we were there and they were both tasty. Overall it was a good experience for what it was. So don’t fear the new branding, it’s still the same James Coney Island with a new face.

Photo-Mar-15,-12-35-29-PMPhoto-Mar-15,-12-36-35-PM Photo-Mar-15,-12-47-37-PM Photo-Mar-15,-12-47-41-PM Photo-Mar-15,-12-47-50-PM Photo-Mar-15,-12-48-05-PM

Tacos Y Pollos Los Amigos: Torta de Fajita / Tacos al Carbon Plate / Tacos al Pastor

21836-21874 Franz Rd
Katy, TX77449
(281) 690-6107

*Menus & Pricing May Have Changed Recently

Whenever I want some thing quick and good, this is our go-to spot. No debates, not arguing, no whining, it’s in total agreement. Tortas for everyone! This time around, I wanted to get a couple of different things just to show that they don’t just make tortas. We have been coming to this spot since they’ve located themselves here. Love having a spot that had such great food, so close and convenient.

Tortas are my go-to here. They’re a great size and absolutely delicious. If you read a previous post about the torta I recently had, this is the one I was comparing it to. The bread is so much better here, and it just compliments the meats and veggies so well. I usually get the Fajita meat on my torta, not that the other meat isn’t good, it’s just my favorite. I also decide to order a plate of tacos al carbon and tacos al pastor (no cilantro for me). And I even threw in some elote in a cup just add some more to the final order. I don’t think I’ve eaten anything from this place that I did not like. Love their green salsa, and they even have Mexican sodas, and you can’t go wrong with that.

Recently I’ve seen that they’ve updated the menu, so if there’s anything on these photos that aren’t the correct price, I apologize as I took these photos a while back.

Photo-Mar-08,-5-31-19-PM Photo-Mar-08,-5-31-24-PM Photo-Mar-08,-5-31-34-PM Photo-Mar-08,-5-32-08-PM Photo-Mar-08,-5-32-14-PM Photo-Mar-08,-5-39-14-PM Photo-Mar-08,-5-47-19-PM Photo-Mar-08,-5-47-35-PM Photo-Mar-08,-5-47-40-PM Photo-Mar-08,-5-47-49-PM Photo-Mar-08,-5-47-53-PM Photo-Mar-08,-5-47-58-PM Photo-Mar-08,-5-48-17-PM Photo-Mar-08,-5-48-25-PM

Toot Suite: Club / Stuffed Avocado

2001 Commerce St
Houston, TX77002
Downtown, EaDo, Warehouse District
Phone number (713) 227-8688

A new spot we tried a while back with some good friends of ours. I was afraid this place would be a little too hipster for me. Walking in, I liked the feel and look of it all. It’s not in the nicest parts of town, but inside you wouldn’t even know it. Service was great and friendly, and they seemed to really care if we enjoyed our meal, not just asking to make conversation.

I decided to play it safe and get the Club. And my wife and I split a stuffed avocado. The sandwich was great and very fresh tasting. They used the good kind of Bacon too, always a plus. The fries were tasty as well, loved the batter. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the ketchup. Honestly it tasted like tomato/pizza sauce. Wasn’t a fan of it, and really wished I had just some ordinary ketchup to compliment everything else. Not a big deal though, I “suffered” through it all. The fried avocado was awesome! I would totally get that again if I come here another time. I definitely recommend that to anyone that like avocados. I was talked into getting some peanut butter cookies and they also provided me with some milk. Also nice and tasty, and them having some milk for me definitely scores them some bonus points. They have a ton of desserts to choose from, but lots of people come here for their macarons, which they have plenty to choose from.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience. We came here in the evening before the late night crowd and it wasn’t very crowded when we got there and got waiting on pretty fast. When we left, it definitely had more people than when we got there. The parking situation isn’t the best either as it’s limited and also in need of much lighting if you have to park around the side of the building. Maybe they’ll fix that in the future. Photo-Mar-07,-6-51-47-PM Photo-Mar-07,-6-51-48-PM Photo-Mar-07,-6-51-49-PM Photo-Mar-07,-6-51-57-PM Photo-Mar-07,-6-52-02-PM Photo-Mar-07,-6-53-25-PM Photo-Mar-07,-6-53-35-PM Photo-Mar-07,-7-01-12-PM Photo-Mar-07,-7-15-36-PM Photo-Mar-07,-7-15-40-PM Photo-Mar-07,-7-15-47-PM Photo-Mar-07,-7-15-57-PM Photo-Mar-07,-7-16-03-PM Photo-Mar-07,-7-16-08-PM Photo-Mar-07,-7-16-14-PM Photo-Mar-07,-7-53-48-PM Photo-Mar-07,-7-53-59-PM

100% Taquito: Torta de Asada (Beef/Fajita)

3245 Southwest Fwy
Houston, TX77027
West University
Phone number (713) 665-2900

I was doing some shopping around this area during lunch one day and decided why not try this place out. After all the photos looked pretty great, so it was a no-brainer decision for me. When I first walked in, I noticed the cool artwork on the walls. Pretty cool looking if you ask me. I actually stood there for a while looking at the piece. Once I went it I looked around to see what was happening. The inside feel/decor was pretty cool. Then I figured that I needed go up to the counter to order. No, not that counter, the other one. Sorry, my bad. So I decided I’d play it safe and get a torta. After all, I love these things and I know a good torta cause the place near my makes great ones. It was a little bit of a wait, nothing too bad as I was there before the lunch rush. I grabbed my meal and headed back to work.

When I opened it up, I have to admit, I was quite let down. Not really a fan of the bread that was used to make these. This particular type of bread is a little harder to chew and I’m really used to eating this when I’m eating menudo with some avocado sandwiched in between. I prefer the softer style bread that works more like a burger than a sub. Not only that, but it seemed a little on the small side for me. I was thinking for $6.79 it wouldn’t be this small. I took a bite and it was just “meh”. Not a lot of flavoring, and maybe that was because of the bread. This bread is a little on the dry side as well, so it doesn’t seem to compliment the beef inside. I was starving, so of course I finished it. Not too impressed from what I had that day, but if  I’m ever in that area I would be willing to give this another try and maybe get some tacos off the menu.

Photo-Mar-06,-11-32-26-AM Photo-Mar-06,-11-33-21-AM Photo-Mar-06,-11-33-27-AM Photo-Mar-06,-11-33-33-AM Photo-Mar-06,-11-33-40-AM Photo-Mar-06,-12-21-35-PM Photo-Mar-06,-12-21-39-PM Photo-Mar-06,-12-21-50-PM Photo-Mar-06,-12-21-55-PM

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers: Chili Cheese Fries

24433 Katy Frwy
Ste 100
Katy, TX77494
(281) 394-2002

I know, I know, I was just here and you just saw the post of my first visit! But let me tell you something, on my first visit I saw someone with some chili cheese fries and I was envious! Envious I tell you! So I decided that I would return shortly and get me those chili cheese fries. I don’t mind the skinny fries when they’re covered with chili and cheese and I have to eat them with a fork. I’m okay with that. The fries were great. I would have liked a little more chili and cheese on them, but I guess I should have mixed them around a little and distributed it all around before devouring the top part of my fries. Other than that, it was satisfying for sure. So if you were like me and had no clue they served these, next time you stop by make sure to get you an order, or just substitute your side of fries with these babies.

Photo-Feb-27,-6-31-08-PM Photo-Feb-27,-6-31-12-PM Photo-Feb-27,-6-31-18-PM Photo-Feb-27,-6-31-21-PM

Tostada Regia: Tacos Estilo Trompo

6747 Airline Dr
Houston, TX77076
Phone number (713) 884-8881

This little spot is not far away from my parents’ house and they’ve mentioned it quite a bit before. So when they asked where we wanted to eat, I said, why not try this one out. Before I get to the food, I gotta talk about how packed this place is. I know that’s usually a good sign, and normally it doesn’t bother me, but there were times when I would look inside and customers had left but no one was cleaning the tables so the empty tables sat there as well as all the customers outside waiting to be seated. I would think you would want to get your customers inside as soon as you could. I know you can’t serve them right away but have someone seat them and put some chips and salsa out and you’re golden for a little bit in my book. But that unfortunately was NOT the case here today and it was a bit frustrating to see this happening and feel my stomach growling.

Now that that’s out of the way, I can tell you right now why this place is packed. The food is great. It’s that simple. I had the Tacos Estilo Trompo and was not disappointed at all. Very tasty and enough to fill the appetite. Came with some beans, which were also delicious and some onions and cilantro. I soon found the salsa, which was hidden in the ketchup squirt bottle. It went great with the tacos and added just the right kick to them. Their salsas were good too, but I’m more of the fan of the green salsa, for sure.

If this place can pick up on the service part of their business, it would be perfection for good Mexican food. But none the less, it’s still a GREAT place to get the craving satisfied. Maybe try to find a time where they’re not too busy.

Photo-Feb-15,-4-58-42-PM Photo-Feb-15,-4-58-44-PM Photo-Feb-15,-4-58-48-PM Photo-Feb-15,-4-58-53-PM Photo-Feb-15,-5-12-08-PM Photo-Feb-15,-5-29-06-PM Photo-Feb-15,-5-29-10-PM Photo-Feb-15,-5-29-16-PM Photo-Feb-15,-5-29-18-PM Photo-Feb-15,-5-29-21-PM Photo-Feb-15,-5-29-26-PM Photo-Feb-15,-5-37-14-PM Photo-Feb-15,-5-37-18-PM

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers: Bacon & Cheese Double Steak Burger

24433 Katy Frwy
Ste 100
Katy, TX77494
(281) 394-2002

First time to Freddy’s and it was a hit! From the super friendly service that we got, to the great burgers! Their fries are a bit small for my taste, but they pile them on, and that’s okay in my book. They have so many choices on their menu that I know I will definitely be back here. Burger was a good size and it filled me up, with all those fries. Everything tasted great! Even their special sauce is a great mix and I love it with my fries. I also love their ice, or as we call it “Sonic Ice”. And then the custard, oh so smooth and so tasty! Overall a great experience here! They even came around to pick up our empty trays and trash. It definitely didn’t have a fast food vibe here, and it exceeded my expectations. I see Freddy’s becoming a staple in burgers in our family, for sure. If you’ve never tried this spot before, I absolutely recommend it! You’re missing out if you don’t! Photo-Feb-14,-12-00-03-PM Photo-Feb-14,-11-14-45-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-14-48-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-14-54-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-14-57-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-15-08-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-17-37-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-17-43-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-17-55-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-18-20-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-21-34-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-21-48-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-22-10-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-22-24-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-22-51-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-22-55-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-44-42-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-44-46-AM


Victor’s Casa Garcia Mexican Restaurant: Nachos

1939 N Fry Rd
Katy, TX 77449
(281) 578-6450

Honestly, as I was editing these photos, my mouth started to water, so you know these nachos are good. I want some so bad. I swear, so far, Victor’s has not disappointed. Every time we come here, it’s always good food and good service. I love eating nachos, as you may have noticed, and these nachos did not disappoint at all. Full of ground beef, refried beans and cheese and with some jalapeños, it’s just the perfect combination. It’s plenty to fill up that belly as well, cause you know you’re already full of chips and salsa anyway. If you haven’t seen my previous post about Victor’s and you’re debating on checking this place out, please don’t debate…. just go.

Photo-Feb-07,-12-47-45-PM Photo-Feb-07,-12-47-54-PM Photo-Feb-07,-12-48-02-PM